We have puppies!

Blossom had 6 beautiful puppies on March 7th, 3 boys & 3 girls, however all but 2 of the boys have sold. These are multi-generation Labradoodles with the ever handsome Tank as the proud daddy! This is her final litter, but I am happy to announce that we already have another breeding female puppy, also an F1b (like Blossom) who will be ready to breed after October 2016, Christmas puppies, maybe? Thanks for checking in!

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Our Breeder Dogs

trixie_winter07015 Upnorth Trixie

The one who started it all, she is retired now, but loves to show people what great dogs “Doodles” are. She loves children and is always willing to “nudge” your hand into a pat or scratch behind her ear.


Blossom Sierra Vista’s Blossom

Blossom is an medium F1b from Sierra Vista Labradoodles, she has the sweetest temperament. She has a blond curly coat. Our newest addition to our family.

Tank Upnorth Tank

Upnorth Tank is a beautiful cafe, wool coat Doodle, he is truly hypoallergenic, non shedding, has the most incredibly calm & sensitive disposition. Everyone who meets Tank wants a Doodle just like him.

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Welcome! First generation Labradoodles tend to have a low maintenance, shaggy dog look, the hair on the body usually about 2 inches long. Labradoodle backcrosses (F1b) and multigens tend to have longer fur (4 – 7 inches), and require regular grooming.

trixie_winter07015       Millie2

Like Mother (Upnorth Trixie left) Like Daughter (Upnorth Millie right)

pluto       tank_winter07011

Like Father (Sierra Vista’s Pluto left) Like Son (Upnorth Tank right)

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