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Buyer of a puppy from Seller must realize that Seller is meticulous with regards to all details in the surroundings of these puppies. Sanitation is paramount, vaccines are current & documented and Seller provides proper nutrition. This assures the Buyer that the puppy they receive has been properly cared for and in the best possible condition and health. Buyer has five (5) days from the date of transfer to have their own veterinarian to examine the puppy. If during this examination, it is determined that the puppy in unhealthy, Buyer is entitled to a full refund or replacement puppy. It is extremely rare, but a puppy after it has left Seller?s care could become medically compromised in a variety of ways and these include physical injury, extreme environmental conditions, or exposure to pathogens. Also any puppy could develop and/or display symptoms of a medical nature that are outside the realm of reasonable care or prevention. These rare circumstances have led Seller to formulate a guarantee process to prevent any misunderstanding between Buyer and Seller.

  1. With regard to any congenital defect, Seller guarantees all puppies for two (2) years (from date of birth) to be free of, but not limited to; Hip Dysplasia, Cataracts, Epilepsy/Seizures, Tracheal Collapse or heart or liver ailments.
  2. Any inherited life threatening medical illness experienced by any puppy is warranted for two (2) years from date of birth.
  3. Any medical condition resulting from physical injuries, neglect or abuse occurring outside Seller?s custody are not warranted under any condition.
  4. The untimely death of any puppy up to 2 years of age will always require a death certificate and an autopsy/Necropsy by a competent Veterinary Pathologist prior to any assumption of liability.
  5. Should any settlement under any conditions of my guarantee become necessary, Seller reserve the right toresolve any problem by the following means and with the stipulations below:
    1. Replace the dog based on the findings of Sellers veterinarian following a consultation with Buyers veterinarian.
    2. Provide surgical and/or medical intervention to resolve the condition/defect only if the following criteria is met:
      1. Any needed treatment will only be performed following a consultation with Sellers veterinarian, who will determine whether he or an associate would normally perform the procedure, or for that matter, if the procedure is even indicated.
      2. Should the procedure be required and agreed to by the various consulting veterinarians, Seller will pay up to half of all medical costs up to the original purchase price of the dog. For example, if the procedure cost $1200 Seller would pay $600. If the procedure were to cost $4000, Seller would pay a maximum of $1500.
      3. Under no circumstance or condition will Seller assume any liability for any surgery or medical procedure that is performed without consulting Seller prior.
    3. Any puppy replacement or refund is never determined unilaterally, it can only occur with concurrence between the Buyer & Seller.

Spay/Neuter Agreement:

The breeding of our dogs WITHOUT breeding rights is not an option. By purchasing an Upnorth Labradoodle puppy, you are hereby agreeing to spay or neuter the puppy by 6 months of age and NOT to breed your Labradoodle. If you breed your Labradoodle, you will surrender ownership rights and be fined $10,000 payable to Patrice Higgins. Our bloodline is of great importance to us, ie: health, temperament and conformation, we therefore require additional testing and breeding control over our line. The buyer has 7 months from the date of birth to provide Seller with written verification that spaying or neutering has been performed. This documentation must be from a certified veterinarian. If after 7 months this documentation has not been received by Seller, the health guarantee will be voided. Additionally, Buyer agrees that if any time they no longer wish to keep the dog, the buyer will give Seller every opportunity to help in re-homing the dog. The dog must not be destroyed, or relinquished to a pound or shelter in lieu of re-homing.


Method of Payment:

Acceptable payment methods are cash, Pay Pal (If PayPal is used, please add 3% to total PayPal payments, cashier?s check, checks are accepted, but must clear before taking possession of the puppy. Make checks payable to Patrice Higgins.

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