mcdude I knew I wanted a Labradoodle and certainly wanted to stay away from any possible puppy mill operations with this new hybrid breed. There also wasn’t a lot to select from in Alaska, so I was even venturing into California to seek my new puppy. This is when I met Patrice Higgins, she immediately invited me up to her house, where I met momma “Upnorth Trixie” and she took the time to go over the history of these dogs. She and her husband live in a beautiful home on lower hillside, complete with just about every animal imaginable. It was a very nuturing, caring environment. After the puppies were born, Patrice invitied me up on a weekly bases to spend time with the puppies, to decide best fit. She called and gave me weekly updates, she even went as far as signing up with me to go to puppy class! If you are seeking a true labradoodle, having Patrice alongside you is a fringe benefit! Love my Upnorth McDude, he is personality plus and my Boston Terrier has a new best friend!

Shelly Driscoll, Anchorage


For the longest time I wanted to get a new dog. It had been years since my last pet so I was looking at Labradoodles, well one night at a hockey game I ran into Patrice and Mike and they told me Upnorth Trixie was going to me a mom. I told them to put me on the list for pick of the litter, well low and behold 2 months later Upnorth Trixie had her pups. I went to Patrice’s house and had a look at the new borns, I was so impressed with her knowledge of the breed and how well behaved Upnorth Trixie was that I couldn’t wait to take Upnorth Millie home. She is such a well behaved pet, good with kids and adults and very smart. I couldn’t have asked for a better breed and breeder. I would recommend Patrice to anyone.

Sev Swanson

We got Upnorth Jet from Up North Labradoodles in July 2007. He is a wonderful family dog and loves to be around us. He is very good with our kids. He has been very easy to train. He is very friendly with other people and animals. Now that he is almost a year old I can see that he is going to settle into a terrific adult dog too.

Elizabeth Roberts


Upnorth Kobuk is a great dog, very even tempered and is very good with my toddler. Upnorth Kobuk has just turned one year old, and we are seeing him mellowing by the day. He is a very smart dog, and plays well with our cats, and other dogs. We highly recommend labradoodles to anyone looking for a great companion, Patrice has done a great job of socializing the puppies and when Kobuk came home he was confident and secure.

Cristin M. Cowles-Brunton, CTP


We purchased our puppy, Upnorth Murphy Brown, from Patrice in June 2007. When we decided to get another dog we went looking for a larger dog, that would have a big dog presence, but be friendly, smart and wouldn’t shed. After doing some research and meeting a Labradoodle playing at a ball field, we knew that we wanted a Labradoodle. I fully expected that we would have to go to an out-of-state breeder to get a puppy. We were so pleased to discover Up North Labradoodles right here in Anchorage, and that there was a litter available. Patrice invited us into her home to meet Upnorth Trixie and the puppies, and she educated us about all things Labradoodle. That was the day we picked Murphy as our own! Upnorth Murphy just turned one, and has been nothing but a joy to have as a member of our family. Aside from being a beautiful, healthy dog, she is very smart and full of personality. She has been easy to train, wants to please, and is great with the kids. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, and would recommend the breed and Up North Labradoodles to anyone!

Priscilla and John Bennett


Since the day that Patrice and Mike brought our bundle of joy to our house we have never regretted for a moment the addition to the family. Upnorth Darby the doodle as we call him is a joy. He ran in the door to my arms and has been lavishing love on all since. His first conquest was our Grandson Erik who was living with us while his folks were deployed to Iraq. Darby felt his need and they soon be as one. Upnorth Darby is very aware of what is going on, he does not like to be in trouble, all I really have to do is tell him “No” and he gets it, and does not repeat the bad behavior. He has been to 7 classes now and is highly educated, (College Level) What a experience, I often felt he got it and was patiently waiting for me to catch on. He is kind & loving, would often come and get me when our old bird fell out of his cage and was walking around. He lets me know if a moose is in the yard or any stranger. He does not bark to bark, picture20042_crop but tells us when something is not right. Often thru the night I know he makes his rounds and checks on everyone then he settles down for a nap. He loves to go anywhere and has a sweet and intelligent spirit. Even tho he has a lab like coat, the shedding is minimal. I would highly recommend this breed and these breeders.


Spiritus Ecce Brevis ~ Edo Bellarii Prius
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